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Aloha Bombshells,

Yesterday i finally got around to doing a much needed job and that was storing my make-up properly because how it was, just wasn't working for me anymore, so i decided to clear out my top drawer and make it my home for my make-up and i thought i would share with you, the finished result and i am very pleased with it now but i never realised i owned as much as i do, all i used for the storage is the little plastic containers that you get if you have a takeaway from a chinese or indian, i used 8 in total.

In the first 4 containers i put all lipsticks, pencils & liners ,mascaras and then other lip products like lipgloss and lipbalm.

In the 2nd lot of 4 containers i put my blushers, palettes, foundations & creams and in one i put other things like bronzers, primers, power and concealer, and as there was still a little room left at the side i put my hairbrushes in that gap.

At the end of day i just put my tray that holds all my hair grips and things in and my face wipes over the top of a couple, so all that i use on a near enough daily basis is all in one place within easy reach and easier to look through.

Love & Hugs

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